Friday, March 5, 2010

universal languages

We had the privilege this week to hear from a Fijian islander, Wonqa, about the bible. He has incredible heart for people and was a great example of Wycliffe's slogan, "Do life with People". He not only shared his passion for getting in the word with us in the classroom, he made the effort to hang out with us during the week as well. For one night, he took us to Mcdonalds to read through the book of acts-at first I thought we were just trying to switch up the location of classes, but then we were discussing the importance of reading scripture out loud and how it's not just about hearing it but about breaking things in the spiritual realm.

And probably the most fun was his time with us on the pitch. Wonqa is the leader for a YWAM base up north in Australia where they do a lot of outreach with Rugby, so he took us a few days and taught us the wonderful game and you could just sense it was more than a sport for him. He loved it, but he loved sharing Jesus through it. and i know some people may be thinking, that's a weird sport to be sharing Jesus through, as it involves a lot of, um, well....aggression, broken bones sometimes....:) but his stories were encouraging, just how they have been able to impact a lot of young boy's who come out to play against them. Nothing is impossible for our Father-even a rough sport like Rugby can show His love. I love that! God cannot be put in a box!

and the sport was awesome-I had been thinking about playing in a league this fall in lancaster and now am really excited to find a team now that I actually know the crazy rules.
And beyond rugby, we've had the chance to learn Australian Football and Cricket with some little kids we met in the park. and in a few weeks we'll be running some sports clinics for the community-so God has definitely been working through the love of sport and I'm excited to see how he will use it this week.