Sunday, February 14, 2010

freedoms and challenges

What do we choose to do with the \freedoms God gives to us? \i have had a very freeing week. we talked about the nature and characger of God and how our minds were not meant to reason our way to God. If we try and completely reason our way, we are saying our minds are bigger than God and it just hit me how much \i have been trying to live by reason rather than faith. But
God chooses to reveal HImself to us and HIS timing is perfect, not mine. I feel I am alwasy trying to "do" all the time, but God is the one who reveals himself to me-i can rest in that peace that He will reveal himself to me when I am ready.....

But in this freedom, I have realy felt God asking me, what are you going to do with it? live for yourself, or live to bring freedom for others so i have been challenged to seek out relationships with the girls on my team. \i have received countless words of knowledge or wisdom from staff about my ability to be a leader and encourage those around me, and \i believe God is asking me to step out and just pour out my life to others around me/ I would be lying if i didn't say i was apprehensive. I feel that if i continaully am pouring into others, i will feel drained, but a still small voice wispered
"Trust-I want to show you so much-i will be your spring of living water, if you just trust and step out in faith, i will fill you in a way you have never experienced..."

So i'm praying for the strength to step out in faith-to continually seek to bring hope to those around me-go out of my way to encourage and spend time with people who may be hurting....

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  1. go for it Kris! the kingdom of darkness which is doing everything it can to steal, kill and destroy in the hearts and minds of every person alive, trembles when a follower of Jesus actually begins to believe and live out of the authority Jesus told us we have; to tear down strongholds, bring healing for the sick, and sight for the blind, and freedom for the oppressed! 1 John 3:8 tells us what Christ modeled for us as our purpose on this earth as His ambassadors: "DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL"!