Friday, February 26, 2010

God's humor

I find it funny sometimes how God works. Last week I was working on lyaing down pride issues from finding my identity in "things". And then this week I was humbled-over and over. I hurt my quad real bad at the beginning of the week and continued to try and play some sports on it (bad idea)_and then on wed night, I opted to ploay goalie forour soccer team since I could not run. God knew what HE was doing... it was the most humliating game ever-playing this highly skilled middle eastern team who squashed us 6-3. they scored in the first minute-right through my legs and continued to score goals that I should have been able to stop--and as each goal went in, i found myself feeling less and less confident in who I was and more and more frustrated that I could not play and show them that I was indeed an actual soccer player. and i just had to laugh afterward at the irony of what i wanted to work on last week. God defintely has given me oppurtunities to practice laying it down, and for that I am grateful. And it was also one of those weeks where satan felt the desire to attack other identity issues and I felt myself continually comparing myself to the other girls etc. but God challenged me to turn those thoughts into prayers of blessing upon the girl that I may have been jealous of, to lift them up and see them how God sees them. And it was awesome to feel the change in heart, to be free to love them and free to be confident in who God wants me to be.

I was reminded again of the picture that God gave me during the 1st week of the white dress and heard him urging me yet again-reach out and embrace your beauty fully. don't cling to what you think is wrong with your design or personality or what not. I cannot add anythign to the dress-It is made perfect by my maker, by my father for me. ... So I am thankful for God's grace in yet again showing me my worth in His eyes.

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